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Saturday, August 26, 2006
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Friday, August 25, 2006
  A hunt for Text Editors.
I use vim for 3 years, but the last version of it, 7.0 that is, becamed IMHO too bloat.
First, to list the new features available in 7.0:
tabpages, cursor line, cursor column, integration with mz-scheme, variable width
for line numbers and several ( google around for them ).
Well, the TABPAGES, are not the usual tabs I know in any application, that is one tab
per file. No, basically a tabpage holds an instance on vim. You can split, edit as many
files you want in a single tabpage. And this is where the bloat comes.
The finger friendly vim turns into the octopus editor:
Example CTRL-W CTRL-B is the same as CTRL-W b.
Or CTRL-W gf, which opens the file under the cursor, in a new tab page.
Maybe I haven't used vim for long enough to grasp the general philosophy of it, but there
is no homogeneous behaviour of vim.
Once it uses Emacs-like key bindings, then it uses some modal commands.
Then comes the documentation. It's one of the hardest to understand. Maybe it's me,
but take a look at other editors, jed for example. It won't need a genius to read it's
manual. And jed is just a random example. I'm sure you can find others.
As a conclusion regarding vim usage, is that it's used becose there is nothing better.
Emacs is too big and starts to slow, (though vim began to start slowly too )

So, I'm gathering below a list of editors and their features.
Maybe i'll find one to use and that it won't be a pain in the ... wrist.

A good list of editors :

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